The Summer Fab Fit Fun Box!

June 13, 2018

I adore subscription boxes.  I've always loved getting stuff in the mail (stuff that isn't bills, that is).  I've been subscribing to Fab Fit Fun for almost two years now and while some boxes have been a little hit or miss, for the most part I've been really happy.  The summer box was a winner, in my opinion.



First - fluffy towel!  Soft! Big! The pineapple microfiber towel is so insanely soft I wish you could reach through the screen and touch it.  And, thanks to having a pool in our building, I'm running through towels like woah.  So I'm always happy to add to the collection.



The jewelry dish from Pier One is cute but I'm already low on counter space and space on top of my dresser.  I shall artfully place it in the double pearl ring.



I like the little wrist wallet/card carrier, not only is the salmon pink one of my favorite colors, it'll be perfect to stuff my debit card in when I just want to run out and grab a cup of coffee. 



For the body/face stuff, there's an papaya enzyme peel that smells delish, a Black Lava Body Caviar scrub and a Coola facial sunscreen.  This past year my daily moisturizer hasn't had a sunscreen in it so I've been mixing a little sunscreen with it on my palm before putting on my face.  I really liked the Coola sunscreen - it absorbed easily over my moisturizer and didn't pill.  No noticeable scent, and it feels lightweight. 




The make-up item in this season's box was the Tarte Pro-Glow kit. Here's where I reveal that I'm not a make-up blogger, because I've never got the hang of contouring.  Highlighting, yes, contouring? It always looks strange to me.  I'm either not blending enough or too fair because when I try it, that's all I see.  But Tarte is a high-quality brand that I like, so if highlighting and contouring is your thing you'll be happy.   



The highlight in this box, to me, was the Foreo.  It's a skin cleansing device that syncs to an app.  My Clarisonic Mia just conked out and we all know it'll take me a year to send it off to get it fixed so I was really excited to see this in the box.  First I accidentally downloaded the Japanese app - whoops! The English-language app was...not great.  It took a lot of tries to get it to analyze my face.  (You download the app, sync the device, then press it to parts of your face to analyze moisture levels).   It feels nice gliding over my face.  Haven't been using it long enough to tell you if it works, but I'll report back. 



If you're curious and want to check out Fab Fit Fun you can get a discount on your first box if you shop through the links on the site.  Plus, we get a little money thrown our way, which keeps us up-and-running (full disclosure and all that).  If you do subscribe, let me know what you think!





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